Makaslı Lift



Hidrolik makaslı lift

Genel Özellikleri:

CE/ ISO 9000 Certified Production


Mechanism components:










     ● Enhanced steel welding on leg and platform ensures stable mechanism structure to avoid twisting.

     ● Mechanical safe-lock device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release.

     ● Standard unilateral platform extension (Dual extensions for option) .

     ● Built-in shut-off valve to stop dropping in case gusty hydraulic system explosion.

     ● All pivot points made with self lubricating bushes for long life.

     ● Rubber pads/anchor bolts/mounting hardware included.

     ● SUV kit for option.














Electric control System:


     ● 24V low voltage safe control.

     ● Photo-cell monitoring kit ensures synchronization.

     ● Platforms at 200mm above the ground stop constrainedly as a foot-guard, and re-pressing “down” button

        to reach the ground.

     ● Continuous beeping to alert during descent process.

     ● Up-limit switch protects cylinder working stroke in safe scope.




Genel Ölçü Planı

Teknik Özellikler


Kaldırma Kapasitesi

Min. Yükseklik

Max. Kaldırma Yüksekliği

Genel Yükseklik

Pist Genel Genişlik

Pist Arası Genişlik

Hava Besleme

Kaldırma Zamanı

İndirme Zamanı

Güç Özellikleri

MS300                              MS350

3,000kg                            3,500kg

320mm                             320mm

2,070mm                          2,070mm

1,540mm-1,740mm          1,540mm-1,740mm

550mm                              550mm

850mm                              850mm

6-8kg/cm3                        6-8kg/cm3

50s                                    55s


220v/380v, 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

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